[nSLUG] Digression Re: Swap file silly question!

Dean Mitchell deanmitchell at accesswave.ca
Wed Sep 29 09:05:16 ADT 2004

> Is there a way to break up hda4 into smaller pieces -- extended
> partitions -- without loss of existing data?  If possible, is that a
> reasonable thing to do?

You can use the command line tool "parted" to resize the partition "hda4",  
and then use fdisk or cfdisk to create new partitions from the newly  
created empty space on that drive.
Or you can use "qtparted" which is a gui fronted to parted that makes it  
even easier to resize and create partitions in one shot.
I have used both several times and have not lost any data, but you should  
use them at your own peril and backup any important data.
I use a Knoppix bootable cd that has both tools included. Make sure the  
drive you are going to work on is not mounted when you use these tools.


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