[nSLUG] Swat file silly questiopn!

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Wed Sep 29 07:31:28 ADT 2004

Nova Scotia Linux User Group <nslug at nslug.ns.ca> schrieb am 29.09.04 01:59:53:

Hi everyone!
I have a machine with 2 hd's connected on a network to
a WinXP machine. The machine I am concerned ( the
client)  has a 40 Gbs as the master with only 15 Gbs
or so used by a Mandrake 9.0 distro with 250 Mb or so
for the Swat drive and 5Gbs for root and around 10 Gbs
for the home, and a 2.5 Gb hd as the second hd with
Win 98.
My question is; If I want to install a 2nd Linux
distro  on the primary hard drive (like Xandros or
Suse) do I need a second and/or third swap file'or
directory or is one enough, since I'll be using only
one distro at a time?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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You need only one swap file. 
For a second distro try this site http://libranet.com/trial_download.html , its free, its based on Debian , the help does help.

I have tried Xandros you are locked into what they want you to use, like Windoze, as far as SuSE I dislike paying top $ to ba a beta tester, did that from version 5.2 upto 8.2. No more

J. Paul Bissonnette
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