[nSLUG] Digression Re: Swap file silly question!

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Sep 29 01:32:40 ADT 2004

Peter Cordes quoth:

> If you've followed the path of wisdom and avoided having a /boot
> partition...

Why is that the path of wisdom?

I did my first installs on oldish hardware -- 486/33 and P133 -- that
I thought would likely be subject to the limitations that a separate
low block address /boot partion was intended to avoid.  I've gone on
doing it with newer BIOS and 20G HDs from a "belt AND suspenders"

Why is this unwise, less than optimal or whatever?

In fact, I would be pleased to have the current wisdom on best/optimal
partioning of 20G or larger drive for a single-user, single-OS
(Slack 8) desktop machine. On my 20G I have:

    hda1 swap
    hda2 (Linux) /boot 
    hda3 (Linux) Scratch e.g. creating a ISO for burning to CD
    hda4 (Linux) /       Ca. 18G; df says about 20% used

Is there a way to break up hda4 into smaller pieces -- extended
partitions -- without loss of existing data?  If possible, is that a
reasonable thing to do?

Can I use fdisk to mark hda3 as a DOS16 drive so that I can FORMAT it
as C: from a DOS-5 floppy boot without mucking up the other
partitions? (I have a few apps -- two or three DOS-5 and a couple of
Win 3.1 -- that I don't want to part with and use now on an 10-year
old 486.)

- Mike

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