[nSLUG] Time to upgrade the server OS...

Herman Toong herman_toong at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 22 10:03:38 ADT 2004

. . . .
>I knew a guy who was good at his job.  He never had a crisis to
>resolve because his systems were robust and he dealt with potential
>problems before they became serious.  He was laid off because others
>with the same job were working much harder and even showed
>dedication to come in and fix problems (e.g., deal with an overfull
>filesystem) at 2am on weekends!
>George N. White III  <aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca>
>   Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

If you ever find yourself in that position it is seriously time to 
manufacture a occasional crisis to show how "good" you are.

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