[nSLUG] Time to upgrade the server OS...

Steven R. Baker srbaker at pobox.com
Sun Sep 19 12:14:53 ADT 2004

> A GUI installer can include everything you do in a text based
> installer, or it can include a 2 path design so that people who want
> the text based one can still have it.  We are all going to get
> the nice icons in any distro.  There is nothing wrong with that
> just as there is nothing wrong in making use of more than 256 colors
> if that is what the world is using.

I know this, but text-based installers are considered intimidating by
the uninitiated.

> Where a GUI can help is in configuring mundane aspects.
> I don't know how many people can configure a printer as
> quickly by hand editing files as they can by using CUPS
> (not just copying a configuration from an existing setup
> but writing one out from scratch).  Likewise for the attempt
> I saw within Redhat to configure DNS server settings,
> or within Xandros to configure wireless settings, or in
> Samba with swat, or within the XF86Free -configure script.
> Looking up syntax, keywords, man pages, O'Reilly books, etc,
> consumes more time than is really needed to make these things work
> and you just can't know it all, 100% of the time.

That's one thing I like about redhat's system-config scripts.  You can
usually interchangably use the GUI or edit the config file, and it
doesn't bitch.



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