[nSLUG] Time to upgrade the server OS...

Dean Mitchell deanmitchell at accesswave.ca
Sat Sep 18 20:23:51 ADT 2004

> I meant admin.  When people say "Hey, what's the best GNU/Linux dist?" I
> say "Debian!" and when they say "Which one should I use?" I say
> "Something else!"

I must agree with that. If anyone asks me what Linux distro to try I will  
say Mandrake, Libranet, or Xandros. I have recently introduced  
Debian/testing on 6 office computers (out of 35), and it is going well.  
The desktops are using 2.6 kernel, Gnome 2.6, Mozilla/Mozilla Mail, and  
OpenOffice. The users have absolutely no clue what is going on behind the  
scenes and I don't think they really want to know. They are being quite  
good about it and there is some learning curve for them even though I did  
a tremendous amount of work to make things smooth for them before they  
even touched the desktop. The main thing I did to prepare them was to  
introduce Mozilla and OpenOffice to Windows 8 months ago. When some of  
them were recently switched to Debian, they immediately were familiar with  
their web browser and office software. Debian is too geeky for the average  
person and it requires a knowledgeable person to iron out the kinks for  
"average joe" and to hold their hand when trying to get though some  
issues. Xandros, Knoppix, and Libranet appear to have done great strides  
in that area lately though.


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