[nSLUG] New in the Antigonish area

Jason Kenney jason at ohm.ath.cx
Sat Sep 18 14:01:53 ADT 2004

>> There used to be a number of NeXT systems -- maybe there are Mac OS-X
>> users at St. FX now.  The distance in any sensible metric between
>> Win32 and either Mac OS-X or linux is much smaller than the distance
>> between Mac OS-X and linux.
> Somebody doing a little to much routing work?  "Distance Metric"

Distance is also a math idea used when comparing vectors; So if you 
have a bunch of different properties of particular items you want to 
compare, comparing the distance of the vectors represented by those 
properties is usually a good way to compare how similar they are.

Also, I didn't really mean in the computers labs or anything - most 
undergrads have their own computers in their dorm rooms now, and I'd be 
very surprised if there wasn't a bunch of people running *nix that way.


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