[nSLUG] (2) Bloat & Notice of Upgrades

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Sep 9 14:10:36 ADT 2004

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, David Potter wrote:

> The business expects to be able to operate 7x16 and during these work hours 
> the fileserver is what I consider to be mission critical - if it fails, 
> everything stops <period>.
> Having said that, I manage servers rather conservatively, and I've never had 
> downtime that was caused by either the OS or the application software - which 
> is why the servers are Linux and not MS.

OK, that question is answered.  I guess you would try for the
upgrade on the live server during the 8 hour window.

I wasn't considering downtime from catastrophe, but normal
scheduled downtime that any OS except BSD (or so it seems)
requires for updates such as security fixes on kernels,
and also the downtime required for installing the newer
versions of the OS, where that applies.



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