[nSLUG] (2) Bloat & Notice of Upgrades

David Potter dlpotter at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 9 13:37:42 ADT 2004

Donald Teed wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, David Potter wrote:
>> Thanks everyone... I'm a little surprised that while it was mentioned 
>> a couple of times, SuSe really didn't get as much airplay as I 
>> expected... and Fedora didn't get trashed... ;-)
> I don't think we have many Suse users around.  Personally I don't
> like a distro that has only commercial support and no user community
> on the web (at least no English ones that I could find).
> As for Redhat/Fedora getting trashed, consider it pre-trashed.


>> So far my investigations of Fedora have me still agreeing with Jeff 
>> and others in 'the devil you know' theory.
> I have not heard any more detail on the type of
> business environment and how tolerant it is of downtime.
> With no response on that angle, I assume this isn't important.
> --Donald

The business expects to be able to operate 7x16 and during these work 
hours the fileserver is what I consider to be mission critical - if it 
fails, everything stops <period>.

Having said that, I manage servers rather conservatively, and I've never 
had downtime that was caused by either the OS or the application 
software - which is why the servers are Linux and not MS.



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