[nSLUG] Time to upgrade the server OS...

Jason Kenney jason at ohm.ath.cx
Wed Sep 8 20:00:55 ADT 2004


> Ok, so there's my dis-organized jibberjabber about Gentoo. I just had
> to speak up for my favorite Linux distro which i personally think is
> very well suited for server or desktop environment.
> Should  you use it for your environment ? I don't know, but I
> definatly recommend you try it.
> Jeff.

I like Gentoo as my home machine because everything about it is pretty. 
And I like pretty things a lot. It does have some shortcomings though, eg. 
try installing azureus:

The only package I've found is azureus-bin, which I assume means it's a 
binary package, and doesn't need to be compiled, but nevertheless:

polyphonic root # ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -p azureus-bin

These are the packages that I would merge, in order:

Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/ant-1.6.2-r5
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/bsh-2.0_beta1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/log4j-1.2.8
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/avalon-logkit-bin-1.2.2
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/commons-logging-1.0.4
[ebuild  N    ] sys-libs/libtermcap-compat-2.0.8-r1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/libreadline-java-0.8.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/jython-2.1-r5
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/regexp-1.3-r1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/xerces-2.6.2-r1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/oro-2.0.8
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/commons-net-1.2.2
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/rhino-1.5_rc5
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/jzlib-1.0.5
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/jsch-0.1.16
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/bcel-5.1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/xalan-2.6.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/antlr-2.7.4
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/junit-3.8.1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/commons-collections-3.1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/commons-beanutils-1.7.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/jdepend-2.8
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/ant-tasks-1.6.2-r4
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/commons-lang-2.0-r1
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/commons-cli-1.0-r4
[ebuild  N    ] net-libs/linc-1.0.3
[ebuild  N    ] net-dns/libidn-0.5.4
[ebuild  N    ] kde-base/arts-1.3.0
[ebuild  N    ] kde-base/kdelibs-3.3.0
[ebuild  N    ] dev-java/systray4j-2.4
[ebuild  N    ] net-p2p/azureus-bin-

Oh my goodness. Maybe I could remove some of those dependencies with the 
appropriate USE flags. But just getting the azureus tarball off their site 
worked perfectly fine. Many of these things don't seem necessary to 
build azureus (a java bittorrent client, btw) anyway... I'm thinking 
things like junit might be used *while* developing it, but when that's 
done, you don't really need it to compile the final source, do you?

I know there are many people who use Gentoo for servers, but I'm not so 
convinced that that's a good idea just yet.



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