[nSLUG] Experiences with the APC AX/BX 1000

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 11:18:39 AST 2004

If you only attach this UPS to a Linux machine, you may miss out
on some of the configuration and information available.

I attached it to a Windows 2000 machine initially with the Powerchute
personal software and it allowed tweaking of the voltage points
(high and low) where the UPS should kick in with battery power.
It might be worthwhile doing that initially, as I imagine that sets
up parameters internal to the UPS, not in the software.

I also found it useful to attach equipment to the UPS and watch
the wattage used.  My dual PII with 4 RAID HDs uses less
power than a single CPU Athlon with a single HD.  And I
found that a 600 watt UPS can handle three machines
(just the CPUs and router is using 320 watts)!

I had hoped to use something like Powerchute Business
edition to manage the power on all 3 boxes, but then found
this software did not work with a USB cable on a Back-UPS
series of APC UPS.

Strangely, my old Back-UPS that had very few features
but did communicate over a serial cable, and is supported by
Business edition.  So I have a kludge: use the old UPS
purely for monitoring a power outage and triggering
the Powerchute server to shut down all the remote clients,
but actually power the 3 boxes from the newer UPS having
more power and fresh battery.  Its weird but it should
work and it will cost nothing.

Regarding filtering ethernet through the UPS, is that really needed
when all of your network cables are inside?  A UPS 
like the AX1000 or surge protector can handle cable ISP
and DSL line filtering.


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