[nSLUG] suggestion for a single machine UPS for use with Linux?

rejean chamberland laudire2you at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 21 17:55:42 AST 2004

 --- Jeff Warnica <jeffw at chebucto.ns.ca> wrote: 
> On Sun, 2004-21-11 at 00:29 -0500, rejean
> chamberland wrote:
> > Just a little note! A year or so ago APC had a
> huge
> > recall on one of their product ( it was an
> Ellipse,
> > 250 or 300 that I had at the time ) anyway they
> > replaced hundred of thousands of UPS for free ( I
> may
> > have had to send mine at cost but it was shipped
> back
> > to me for nothing) and it is still working. I live
> in
> I dont know if it was the same recall or not, but I
> had on such affected
> UPS. Simply filling out a form online, name,
> address, serial # got
> things started. They said that they would ship out a
> UPS, less battery,
> and that we should return the existing UPS, less
> battery, to them. They
> had all the paperwork done, return shipping was
> prepaid. But the
> replacement UPS I got came with a battery. Strangely
> enough, the
> logistics got messed up and the old UPS has yet to
> work its way back to
> APC...

That was as far as I can recall the same event. I
vaguely recall having to move the battery into the
sent  UPS. I am sure that you know a lot more than I
what you are supposed to do but I would definitely not
use the old UPS anymore. The manufacturer probably
made a mistake in sending you a UPs with a battery and
decided it was not worth going after people who didn't
return their UPS.
The good thing is that you now have an extra battery.
Good for you!

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