[nSLUG] suggestion for a single machine UPS for use with Linux?

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 09:41:15 AST 2004

Thanks for the info.  Yes, I think AVR is a feature is worth getting.
I had expected all APC UPS units to offer that in what they
call "power conditioning" but I had not realized it isn't provided.

I've read that good quality power supplies will take care of it
for minor drops, but obviously there is a limit to what they
can provide.

I'm also getting the BX1000 from Future Shop.  I just spotted that
sale price when Ben mentioned it.  Free shipping, so that isn't bad
for something this heavy.

I'm also advising someone else to get this or the BX800.
Does anyone know what the difference is between RS/XS/BX
in these models?  They seem to be referenced interchangably, but
the XS/BX don't appear as family names at APC's web site.
Is it something small like the software bundle for Canada?



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