[nSLUG] Forcing filesystem check on root

Johnathan Thibodeau jthibo at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Nov 3 13:25:43 AST 2004

What distro are you using? The RedHat (and probably Fedora Core,
although I've never really played around with it) /etc/rc.sysinit will
force a filesystem check if it finds the file /forcefsck. In Debian,
/etc/rcS.d/S10checkroot.sh will do the same.

But of course, if it fails for some reason, the system will be left in a
state requiring on location attention (I suspect you want to force the
check because this machine is having problems.)

The way I've done remote fscks on / manualy in the past has been to:

(I'll assume since your looking at /etc/rc.sysinit, that rebooting the
machine is not the end of the world.)

 - Edit /etc/fstab and set / to mount ro,
 - Set ssh to start in single mode (also ensure that networking is
   brought up too),
 - Set the bootloader to start the system in single at next boot,
 - Reboot, wait a few minutes...,
 - Log in, run fsck on /,
   (assuming all goes well)
 - mount -o remount,rw /,
 - Edit /etc/fstab and set / back to rw,
 - Set bootloader config back to normal,
 - Reboot, enjoy.

And as always, YMMV, there may be special considerations which need to
be made for your specific setup.


On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 18:37, David Potter wrote:
> Is there a less invasive way to force/perform a check of the root 
> filesystem (from a remote location)  other than hacking /etc/rc.sysinit ?
> dlp


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