[nSLUG] Sparc Sparc and more Sparc

Chris Hubley chubley at zensync.com
Tue Nov 2 19:19:24 AST 2004

Hey all,

I've ended up with another load of Sparc Classic Machines,  so anyone who 
didn't get one last time here's another chance.  Again some have disks and 
some don't but I think I still have enought scsi disks for all of them.

10 bucks each, there are 40 of them, first 300 dollars gets them all, plus 
some extra bits...

I also have a single ultra sparc 10 w/ a 40 gb hard disk, 256 RAM, etc etc - 

Any one interested can email me off list (chubley at zensync.com).  If its 
worth my while I'll deliver them to anywhere in metro.

I am moving at the end of November, so they have to be gone by then.  I 
would prefer to have them out of my very small apartment in the next 10 days 
if at all possible.



Chris Hubley
ZenSync Systems


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