[nSLUG] wireless routers

Peter Cordes peter at cordes.ca
Mon Nov 1 17:18:09 AST 2004

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 03:15:42PM -0300, David Potter wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> I just didn't want to buy another Wireless card if I could make it work 
> with Linux... The Windows and Linux box sit side by each and the router 
> is in another room - not easily accessible by ethernet wire....
> It is now working... I'm sending this from the Windows box  over the 
> wireless link to the Linux box.
> The last  ;-) hurtle is that if the Linux box boots first Windows 
> complains that there is a IP address conflict and it shuts down the 
> Windows interface... probably a Windows 'Bindings' conflict.

 It should be possible to have a setup like this:
 Internet ---- router ~~wireless~~ linux --- windows

 That's what you're talking about right?  Or is the cable modem connected to
something else?
 I think the easiest thing to do is run ethernet bridging on the Linux
machine.  Then it's like having a 3-port switch built-in to the Linux
machine: the wireless NIC, the ethernet NIC connected to the windoze
machine, and the br0 interface that the Linux machine itself is "connected"
to.  So your GNU/Linux machine will get an IP from the router with DHCP on
its br0 interface.

 I guess your cable modem is in the other room with the router, otherwise
you could have the cable modem connected directly to the GNU/Linux machine
and then use the "router" as a switch/AP.  (I do that at home.)

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