[nSLUG] Re: Recent Patches and Updates.

bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca
Sun Mar 14 16:26:39 AST 2004


On Sun, 14 Mar 2004, Kevin Fleming wrote:

> card installed in the machine.  Everything else had already been
> installed on the drive, thanks to the copy of WinXP installed on the
> machine by my supplier.
> 	I fail to see the problem.  Don't your suppliers give you that level of
> service?

A lot don't.  I've seen plenty of brand new computers that came with XP
installed, and not a single patch applied.

In the case I mentioned earlier, someone had bought a new machine sans OS,
and had installed XP from CD himself.  The point was that once that
computer was connected to the Internet without any firewall, just the way
a naive home user would do it, it was infected with a worm in a few
minutes, long before even one patch could be downloaded and installed.

This is far from atypical.  A lot of people think they need to "upgrade"
their OS from Win9x to WinXP, because, well, they can.  So they buy the
CD, format their hard drive, and install.

> it is addressed.  If you are not the addressee you should not
> disseminate, distribute or copy this email. Please notify the sender

If the mail is addressed to a mailing list to which I subscribe, do I
count as an addressee?  Was my quote above OK, or will I be hearing from
your lawyers?

Bill Davidson
bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca

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