[nSLUG] SuperProbe: command not found

Vikram Chhatre neurospora at eastlink.ca
Sun Mar 14 10:42:45 AST 2004


I am currently using Vesa framebuffer driver which is giving me 800x600, 
I would however like to tune the XF86Config to use the driver for my ATI 
Rage Pro AGP card, so that I can get a 1024x768.  Unfortunately, I do 
not have exact model and specs info on the card and thought of trying 
SuperProbe.  The bash returns command not found error though.  I 
recently upgraded to xfree86-4.3.0 and I am wondering if commands have 
changed with this version?  I looked up on their webpage and there is no 
command named SuperProbe (http://www.xfree86.org/4.3.0/manindex1.html); 
so has it been removed? It does not seem like PATH problem, because 
SuperProbe is missing from /usr/bin/X11/ .  Is there any other script to 
find out information on your video card? 


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