[nSLUG] When posting to this list, please edit!

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Sat Mar 13 21:23:49 AST 2004


There has been an explosion lately of posts which are not properly edited to
remove quoted material that is not necessary to establish context for the
response.  When you post, please edit.  It gets tedious scrolling through
pages of material just to see the three lines of material you wrote at the
bottom, or reading the material you posted at top, and then scrolling
through the remainder of the post to see if there is new material further 

In the following list, I'm not picking on particular people.  There have
been several people regularly doing this, and then there are some who
normally quote well but have just slipped once in a while.  Here are some 
choice examples from this month:


So please, for dear Miss Emily Postnews' sake, edit your posts!

Ben (one of your friendly list admins)
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