[nSLUG] kernel setup stack overlaps lilo

Jason Kenney jason at ohm.ath.cx
Sat Mar 13 17:00:42 AST 2004

> Valuation of a company is a complex thing I certainly
> don't understand, but I can tell you it includes not
> only the tangile assets of the company (things like 
> the computers its owns), but the intangile assets like
> any patents or copyrights (i.e. software they wrote) and
> then there are things like revenue stream (expected number
> of contracts to be renewed for how much), income potential 
> (e.g. leader in making high-quality desktop software for
> growing Linux corporate market), and even the skills and
> knowledge of their current staff (and 'famous' employees
> sometime have to sign new contracts to stay for so long).

I don't understand it either.

Take Palm and 3M for example.

3M owned Palm, and at that time 3M was worth $800 million or something at 
the time, but Palm was valued at $2 billion or something (I don't 
remember the exact figures, but the ratios are still close... Palm was 
worth ~3x what 3M was, even though Palm was owned by 3M).

Someone explain that one. : /


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