[nSLUG] Copying music cd

Paul Boudreau pbx at eastlink.ca
Sat Mar 13 16:03:34 AST 2004

Here's a problem that has stumped me.
Trying to copy music cds (for personal backups, of course),
I'm using Gentoo with 2.6.1 kernel, so I'm using ATAPI,
which works fine for data cds. Copying music cds on-the-fly
proved a little more problematic, I can do it using k3b, and
it's dead simple, but using cdrdao, it won't recognize one of
my drives (the source, a LITE-ON dvd). Neither generic-
mmc or generic-mmc-raw drivers work. Generic-mmc works
on the burner (LITE-ON also). So if I do:

cdrdao copy --source-device ATAPI:0,1,0 --driver \
generic-mmc -raw --device ATAPI:1,0,0 --driver \
generic-mmc --buffers 64

I get an error telling me the driver doesn't work with
my source drive.
k3b seems to use cdrecord to copy-on-fly, but reading the
cdrecord man page, I can't figure how to do the same thing
from a command. Have read that either of the following
would work:

cat /dev/cdrom | cdrecord ...
dd if=/dev/cdrom | cdrecord ...-

Anyone know how this should work. Seems the cdrdao is
a show-stopper, it's version 1.1.8 and should work, the
dvd drive in question is about a year old, but if the same
thing can be done in cdrecord dao mode, that's good too.

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