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Sat Mar 13 13:57:23 AST 2004

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>So... Here's my dilemma.  I'm thinking about the benefits of putting our
>dialup clients behind a firewall, not unlike what I use in our office.  I
>know some of you are probably saying "What?!  Your customers are not
>firewalled already?"  Well, see my second para above.  Besides, I didn't
>design this network, and I don't blame the guy who did.  A few short years
>ago the stuff I mentioned above was unheard of, but now it is common.
>Unprotected machines are being scanned, probed, poked with a stick, and
>generally infected at an alarming rate.  Users don't install vendor
>updates, be it for their OS or their virus scanner.  Most don't even know
>what spyware is, although a large percentage of problems I fix are related
>to spyware fscking the fragile windows network stack.
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>Bill Davidson
>bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca


For my own use I find it handy to have a cheap hardware router/firewall to 
use when I need to set up a computer for the first time. This lets me 
install all the updates (even Linux distros have them) before totally 
exposing it to the Internet.

Offer two services: One protected and one not. Figure out how to make it 
clear that even the protected version comes with promise that customers who 
do get infected are entitled to a free fix.

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Hacks & Scams. http://special.msn.com/msnbc/techsafety.armx

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