[nSLUG] your own SMTP server

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Sat Mar 13 12:41:37 AST 2004

For Peter (and others) looking for a solution to their
SMTP blocking problem, I'd suggest looking at possibly a
virtual private server e.g. jvps.com, rosehosting.com, 
tektonic.net, rimuhosting.com.

>From $15 USD/month and up, you get a static IP address with
little (ICMP sometimes) to no filtering, better network
connectivity -- better ones are multi-homed and all are faster
than a residential DSL or cable modem, and they expect you
to run servers on them. I think all the ones I listed give 
you 'root' on your virtual server, which means you can install
and do just about anything on them other than run iptables,
open a raw socket (i.e. sniffing), and create raw packets.

If your a serious server junkie, look at a colocation service
like istop.com, peer1.net, tht.net, and (NS based) twistedpair.ca.
Other good suggestions are welcome.

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