[nSLUG] kernel setup stack overlaps lilo

Tim Goodaire tgoodaire at linux.ca
Fri Mar 12 16:31:34 AST 2004

"As far as obtaining ISOs goes, for awhile it was impossible to find
ISOs of Debian CDs.  Only jigdo "worked"."

Huh? When was that? I've never had a problem getting an Debian ISO.


Donald Teed wrote:

>On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Paul Boudreau wrote:
>>First, try downloading a SuSE iso. They are without a doubt
>>the least open source of the distros.
>Suse has a small ISO that allows you to run the FTP install.
>They also have a live CD ISO for download.  Both of these are free.
>As far as obtaining ISOs goes, for awhile it was impossible to find
>ISOs of Debian CDs.  Only jigdo "worked".  But that is for different
>reasons.  Xandros is probably the most tight I've seen - you
>gotta pay the money to get the CD (still half the price of Windows upgrade),
>and then you are permitted to download their source.  I have not
>looked at the license but I suspect they do like others and say
>that the embedded logos and company name are trademarked, copyrighted,
>which makes it very difficult to redistribute.  I don't like that,
>but at the same time I realize the significant contributions
>companies with money have put into Linux.  If Linux were purely
>a hobbiest system it wouldn't be developed much beyond where
>it was in 1997 and driver support would be lagging way behind
>the appearance of hardware.
>Personally, I believe QA is one area that either suffers or goes
>incredibly slow without paid work done on it.  No one wants to
>do the incredibly tedious work that goes into serious QA for fun.
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