[nSLUG] kernel setup stack overlaps lilo

Jeff Warnica jeffw at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Mar 12 14:46:16 AST 2004

What formerly open source packages have been closed?

SuSE gets criticized for having a closed installer.. You can get the
source, change it. You just cant redistribute it.

IBM purchased, and then donated as OSS, Eclipse. 

Redhat has Fedora, which is arguably more open then their previous
standard distribution. The process is far more visible, if not open for
outside input, which it is. You can get the sources to the enterprise
editions, and there are HOWTOs for building the complete OS from those

I think that RH may have closed source projects, but they are ones they
got through the acquisition of other companies (I'm thinking CCVS,
stronghold..).. Some the have opened, some they have dropped completely,
and some they maintain as closed projects.

>From what I can gather, Alan is on sabbatical from RH working on a MBA.
I would consider that more selling out then working for RH :) But my
point is still valid.

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 13:58, Paul Boudreau wrote:

> Just wanted to make the point that anyone can download
> Slackware and source code for free. That can't be said of
> some others. (And Alan Cox doesn't work for Red Hat now.)

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