[nSLUG] kernel setup stack overlaps lilo

Jeff Warnica jeffw at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Mar 12 12:47:50 AST 2004

To paraphrase a comment to one of my messages: "do you even understand
Linux? You are completely missing the point of OSS."

Money is not incompatible with Linux. Even Slackware sells their
software. $39.95us for a box set. Less then RHEL or SuSE for sure, but a
lot more then just the cost of distribution / cheepbytes.

"Sold out" means to sell your ideals, not just your ideas. 

Alan Cox gets paid by Red Hat. Making up some numbers; before he took
that job, he had some other (non-linux) job, so he could work on Linux
for only 10 hours a week. Now, working with RH he might do RH specific
customizations 30 hours a week, but can also do general kernel stuff 20
hours a week (paid time, plus volunteer time).

Miguel de Icaza has jump-started some very significant projects, while
making some controversial statements along the way. Starting Ximian, and
being responsible to private investors, he continued his controversial
ways. And still, working for Novell, as recently as last month, he
continues to say some crazy things "C is dead".

I could go on, but you get the point. Money has only improved the
ability to improve on Linux and Gnome...

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 11:59, Paul Boudreau wrote:

> I'm just glad that we have a choice of numerous versions
> of Linux, all of which do some things better than others.
> In a world of "Free" software where SuSE sells for $250
> million U.S., and Red Hat is a billion dollar company and
> Oracle and IBM are spending wads of money, I find it
> refreshing that Slackware has never sold out and remain
> true to the spirit of the whole thing. People like Patrick
> Volkerding, Klaus Knopper and others are what drives
> this whole engine, not the lawyers and salesmen at IBM.
> Perhaps if I was educated, knew more than I did and was
> hoping to get a job and make big money off Linux that my
> attitude would be different. Until then, I remain skeptical
> and sarcastic. I find the money thing very distasteful.

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