[nSLUG] kernel setup stack overlaps lilo

Vikram Chhatre neurospora at eastlink.ca
Fri Mar 12 12:23:18 AST 2004

Donald Teed wrote:

>I detect some sarcasm in this response left over from
>the previous debate.  Gentoo or any distro will provide
>people will a way to shoot themselves in the foot.
>But usually the way it happens is tricky for
>the developers to solve easily and often unique
>to the distribution.
>All I'm pointing out is that Slackware seems to
>have encountered an oops of the sort that was
>easily preventable given that this exact experience
>happened years ago in at least one major distro.
>If Redhat deserved shame for their oops, it is
>because they should have the resources to QA this.
>If Slackware deserves shame for this opps, it is
>because it is a simple mistake that has happened
>before and someone should have caught it.
>Note that I say "seems to" - I do not know for certain
>as I have not seen if there is at least a warning that
>Vikram missed.

I should mention that there were no error messages produced by the 
#upgradepkg script. 


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