[nSLUG] kernel setup stack overlaps lilo

Paul Boudreau pbx at eastlink.ca
Thu Mar 11 23:15:55 AST 2004

Donald Teed wrote:

>>># Added Linux*
>>>And thats it.  I have my desktop back.  Thanks.
>Redhat got into deep doo-doo with users back around 7.0
>when the up2date utility would apply a new kernel and bust
>the system.  I don't remember whether it was just a question
>of rerunning lilo back then or not but that seems to be
>all this required.  Is Slack trying to catch up to the
>modern distros and making similar mistakes?  A big "tsk, tsk"
>if there wasn't even a warning produced by the new package
>management system.
>Whenever the linux kernel file is overwritten, it is not
>guaranteed to be at the same last physical location on disk,
>and thus lilo must be run.  This doesn't apply for grub or silo (sparc).
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Yes, I'm sure nothing like this would ever happen on one
of the more modern distros, like Gentoo for instance, I
almost never see anyone having problems with files over-
writing others. And of course, you'd never have security
updates screwing up your Debian testing distro either.
Ah, you have to admire these Slackware die-hards and
the way they carry on in the face of adversity, with no
decent package manager, with no clue at all what they're
up against, when people who obviously know better try to
tell them otherwise. I wouldn't let it deter you from trying
to enlighten them regardless, someone has to do it. Poor

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