[nSLUG] On topic of favorite distros, and Linux on the Desktop

Ashley George ashley at george.ca
Fri Mar 5 02:05:43 AST 2004

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 01:46:15AM -0400, Rick Franchuk wrote:
> the ideals of OSS, but the way you're presenting them is generating a
> negative response from people who don't share the same level of
> intensity, and it's even happening while "preaching to the choir".
> Imagine then what kind of reactions RMS generates when soapboxing to
> people who are indifferent, or hostile, to the idea of OSS.
     Indeed, presentation is everything.  I suspect that RMS is better
at presentation than you give him credit for.  Especially when he lets
Eben Moglen do the presentation for him. ;)


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