[nSLUG] On topic of favorite distros, and Linux on the Desktop

Paul Boudreau pbx at eastlink.ca
Thu Mar 4 18:18:56 AST 2004

Rick Franchuk wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 16:15, Ben Armstrong wrote:
>>On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 03:12:21PM -0400, Jeff Warnica wrote:
>>>Did you miss the part where I said being a wacko was a good thing?
>>Come now.  If I characterized Jeff Warnica as a moron, but qualified it with 
>>"but that's a good thing" would it be any less defamatory?
>The only problem here I think is with nomenclature. I personally
>wouldn't call RMS a 'wacko' so much as I would call him an ideological
>extremist. For good or ill, OSS is his cause celebre regardless of how
>well suited he may be to represent it.
>I respect his abilities as a programmer, and the sheer force of will
>he's invested to get OSS off the ground, but like all things OSS is
>transforming and new personalities are needed in order for things to
>progress, IMO.
>Sometimes he reminds me of Marc Emory (of cannibus legalization fame)...
>a well meaning but overly zealous individual who often does as much harm
>as good when he starts to proselytize.
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You think he's wrong. I think he's right. That's freedom.
There are two points of view, Stallman's and Gates'.
Stallman thinks people should have the right to share,
distribute and modify software. Gates thinks you shouldn't.
Some people think "Open Source" was a good compromise,
so did Bill, now you can get M$ Open Source software.
At some point in the future, the GPL will get a thorough
testing in the courts and we will see the outcome.
Personally, I don't even like to hear about people dual-
booting with Windows, doesn't interest me in the least.
What interests me is making "everything" work in GNU/Linux. He who risks 
nothing, does nothing and
becomes nothing.

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