[nSLUG] On topic of favorite distros, and Linux on the Desktop

Paul Boudreau pbx at eastlink.ca
Thu Mar 4 14:31:53 AST 2004

Jeff Warnica wrote:

> Quoting Peter Cordes <peter at cordes.ca>:
>> On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 09:47:46AM -0400, Paul Boudreau wrote:
>>> GNU is more than a political movement, it is the basis for
>>> all free software out there, not just Linux.
>>  Not true.  XFree86 and the BSDs for example are completely 
>> independent of
>> the GNU project.  They have Free origins that date back to before the
>> influence of the GNU project.
> For that matter, Linux (the kernel) isnt a GNU project either. It 
> happens to use
> the GPL, but the code remains copyright Linus Torvalds (and friends). 
> Somewhere
> on GNUs website I once read that they request that people transfer their
> copyright to them, so that they can (potentially) better defend it.
>>> but Eben Moglen (chief council of
>>> the FSF, Columbia Law Professor). His philosophy is that
>>> Microsoft's business model is dying, and it is not a matter
>>> of if, but when people (and companies and governments)
>>> switch to the Free (as in libre, not gratis) model.
>>> We've already won, so stop arguing.
>>  That's pretty much RMS's philosophy too, naturally.
> I dont want to put words into RMSs mouth (or worse, thoughts in his 
> head), but I
> get the feeling his attitude isnt: "Microsoft and other closed source 
> software
> (only) companies are evil. Free Software will deleiver us from evil", but
> closer to "Free Software is all I care about and there just isnt anything
> else... Not other things are bad, simply there are no other things"
> Some console gaming story on /. (linux for PSX? doesn't matter...) 
> linked to an
> email of RMS where he claimed he couldnt understand why someone would 
> want a
> computer that was compleatly non-hackable... He said that he diddnt 
> even know
> of the existance of console gaming systems - not an unfamilarity with, a
> compleate lack of knowladge of.
> There are two possible conclusions we can draw about RMS from that:
> - he actually doesnt know about the existnace of console gaming 
> systems... This
> demonstrates that he is out of touch with reality. Read a story about 
> nVidia
> you learn about consoles. Story about IBMs new fab plant, you learn about
> consoles. Walk into a video rental store and you see console games.
> or
> -He does know about their existance, but because they dont run a lisp
> interperter, they may as well not exist, and shouldnt exist, so he 
> pretends to
> know now about them
> Now, I dont own a consle system, and purchasing one is just below a 
> private
> island on things for me to buy. One isnt right for me. But I know they 
> exist,
> and I know that they may be right for someone.
> Either way, he is a wacko. Being a wacko is a good trait for a 
> revolutionary.
> But history shows tht wacko revolutionary leaders dont generally make 
> good
> leaders of whatever they built.
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 I don't think you do credit to yourself when you call people
like Richard Stallman a wacko. I know that I, for one, don't
take you seriously. Perhaps someone would like to present
the same viewpoint in a more clearly thought out form?

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