[nSLUG] PXE Server

Peter Cordes peter at cordes.ca
Wed Mar 3 16:26:54 AST 2004

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 03:48:43PM -0400, Donald Teed wrote:
> I'm doing some work involving PXE Server (DHCP Server and TFTP
> Server in Linux).
> Within dhcp.conf I can see how to specify the PXE image
> by MAC address or globally, but ideally I'd like to simulate
> an existing Windows PXE Server which presents a numbered menu
> of what type of boot image a person wants.
> Has anyone heard of such a thing?


>  Would it be done with
> some sort of a menu system boot image?

 Yes.  I don't think the BIOS's PXE code would do the menus, so it would
have to be something it downloaded.  syslinux has a PXE thing, I think.
Most of my netbooting experience is with etherboot, but on a Microway
cluster PXE was mostly working with syslinux, I just changed which kernel
and command line opts...  I didn't look into menu support.

 I think I might have seen something in the etherboot docs about menu
support, and about using PXE to run etherboot, if you want to do that.

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