[nSLUG] Help! Eastlink is port-filtering my mail server

Trevor Smith trevor at haligonian.com
Tue Mar 2 18:43:30 AST 2004

On February 5, 2004 06:46 pm, Chris Mikkelsen wrote:
> Well, Eastlink isn't the only one that resently blocked all port 25
> communication. Aliant has bocked outgoing mail about a month ago - fine I
> have to use their stmp as a forwarder. About 4 days ago I noticed mail
> bouncing, well Aliant blocked incoming mail as well.

I am not too familiar with sendmail but I noticed a short while ago, when 
(re)installing FC1, that mail wasn't getting out from my computer. I seem to 
recall that I had assumed I could use sendmail directly from linux rather 
than using Aliant's smtp server. I also seem to recall that for a while, this 
worked. Then, IIRC, it didn't work. I shrugged and went back to using 
Aliant's smtp server (which is what I have always done in Windows anyway) 
because I had other fish to fry and couldn't spare the time to learn about 
sendmail to get things working.

Is this all because Aliant is filtering outgoing sendmail packets?

 Trevor Smith    |    trevor at haligonian.com 

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