[nSLUG] Re: Maple V manual wanted

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Mar 2 13:44:28 AST 2004

John Cordes asked:

> Which release of Maple V did you get? They went through Maple V
> Release 1 all the way to Maple V Release 5;

Maple V rel. 5.

And I've just discovered that it won't run on my new Slak-8 install,
apparently because lib names (such as foo.so.1) are hard coded into

I think I need help but I'll try to get the facts in a row and
formulate the question clearly before I ask for it.

Yes, I tried Roswell's first, then asked my son to do the circuit of
Doull's, Schooner etc.  Was hoping someone on NSLUG had bought the
reference manual in 199x and had graduated to a new edition as $UNI or
$ORKPLACE upgraded.

[Somewhat OT aside and rant] 

In the early 90s, I had occasion to hang out at Dal quite frequently.
I was shocked to discover, (based on a random but certainly not
representitive sample) that Dal profs don't buy books!  I would learn
about some hot subject from friends at MIT or my wife's colleagues,
then discover that no store or library in Halifax had it.  So I would
go find a professor who could be expected to be keen on the matter and
ask.  "Oh, gee, no, I don't have that.  That's a very *expensive*

Wait, wait.... I have a borderline income as an artist, don't get paid
*anything* for technical or intellectual pursuits, and I will blow 50
or 100 bucks on a really important book in any of several areas.  But
a respectably salaried prof with a departmental budget, whose career
consists of knowing about that particular stuff, won't?  What?  Okay,
so Schuknecht's atlas of otolaryngology costs maybe C$700 and there
are only 6 people in Hfx who could conceivably want it.  But that's an
exceptional case.  F'rgzample, every user interface designer, applied
mathematician/statistician, data visualization hacker and every prof
teaching such stuff should have Edward Tufte's books.  Never saw one
in a Hfx bookstore.

No wonder Roswell's, over the last decade, has had to drop the really
serious books on computational research and fill the shelves with
those great fat books that I think of, collectivly, as "How To the
ON/OFF Switch, Vols, I & II".  No wonder that the Dal bookstore has
(or had when I was last in) a truly pathetic collection of advanced
academic and technical books.

Oops.  </RANT> Sorry, couldn't help myself...

- Mike

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