[nSLUG] Re: Maple V manual wanted

John Cordes John.Cordes at dal.ca
Mon Mar 1 18:49:36 AST 2004

> On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 08:51:37AM -0400, John Cordes wrote:

>  You could also try searching on some of the online used book
> resources; one of the best is ABE (Advanced Book Exchange):
> http://www.abebooks.com/.  It might be possible to find the early
> Maple V Programming Guide by Monagan, Gerdes et al or the

 Oops - that should be Geddes (Keith O. Geddes, of Waterloo U.), not

> corresponding Reference Guide.

 I've since had a look at ABE (searching on Maple in the title and
Geddes in the author field) and found several Maple V Reference
Manuals there. One of them was later than all the rest - 1993 I think
- would probably be the best choice.

 Which release of Maple V did you get? They went through Maple V
Release 1 all the way to Maple V Release 5; very confusing numbering!
Then they went to Maple 6, etc.  up to the current Maple 9 (now 9.03).
Maple V Rel. 5 lasted for a long time, but so I think did Releases 3
and 4.

 Good luck,

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