[nSLUG] Free Software doesn't have to be boring

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Mon Mar 1 00:34:59 AST 2004

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Paul Boudreau wrote:

> There's lots of socially redeeming stuff on Slashdot too...

Yep, I try to visit it everyday.  I find it is a useful
barometer/radar of interesting news, even with the
flaws of content and participants.

> I may have not responded fully to your earlier critique
> of Slackware, so if you're interested:
> http://uml.sourceforge.net/download.php

The person who had problems with Umbrello tried the package
from that site in Slackware 9.0 - it would not build - something
about a dependancy not found but I don't have the detail on it.
I found it could be added in Gentoo or Xandros (from
Debian sources) in a few minutes without frustration.

> http://www.audioslack.com/packages/ardour

Yep, and it does at least list the first level of
dependancies you need.  But it doesn't list the
versions of many of the dependancies, and some of
the first level have their own dependancies.
I'd expect it would take longer to build this
in Slackware (for the first time) than it would
in Gentoo, compiling from source on a reasonably
fast machine.  (I've only built it in Gentoo).

> http://www.dropline.net

I've heard dropline works well.

> http://slackpack.tripleg.net.au/slack.9.1.builder

I never knew of that one.  It is good to know of more
alternatives.  I used to visit http://www.linuxpackages.net/
and I found a lot of the stuff there was very amateur - package
didn't meet name or versions of stuff, etc.

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