[nSLUG] Resources on Debian

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Jan 29 07:51:20 AST 2004

Other than hanging out in mailing lists, reading the
online documentation at debian.org , and gathering
information embedded in source code and /etc files,
what documentation/orientation exists for Debian?

For example I learned not to edit /etc/modules.conf
by reading comments in that file.  I read comments
in the iptables config and was confused (that was
hashed out here already).  I learned about
/etc/apt/preferences from the Xandros forums.
Someone here - likely Ben - mentioned an
alternative to dselect (not the apt-* bunch).
What book or online resource might have covered
these things or some of them in their Debian documentation?

I see a book from O'Reilly "Learning Debian GNU/Linux"
and one article says it is "unabashedly for beginners"
and was published 5 years ago.

Suggestions welcomed...

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