[nSLUG] Boot problem

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jan 28 05:25:34 AST 2004

So I installed Slackware 8.0/2.4 kernel on a P133 on a new 20G HD.
Some hassles with X but eventually got it sorted out.  Boots cleanly,
X, emacs, Gimp, PPP dialup all work fine.

So I removed the HD from the P133 and put it into a PII (replacing
another HD as hda).  Nothing I know how to do will get it to boot in
the PII.  The PII still boots fine from its original HD if I swap it
back in.  The Slackware HD will mount and is readable as hdb if
installed as the primary slave in the PII.  If I put it back into the
P133, it boots fine once again.

  # Got the HD jumpers right: check

  # Got /etc/fstab right: As sure as I can be

  # Boot off a  rescue disk and do 

        chroot /mnt/new-hd /sbin/lilo -l -b /dev/hda

The PII CMOS seems to correctly recognize the new HD (or both if
they're both installed.)

The only clues I have are:

+    lilo complains about sectors greater than 1024 and aborts if I
     run lilo when the hd is installed in the PII.  Adding "linear" or
     -l causes it to warn but execute.  No abort or warning when
     installed in the P133.  lilo just does its thing.

+    The boot failure occurs after  "LILO" and the "boot: linux"
     prompt.  An error message flickers too fast too see that looks
     like "Error 0x48".

Both HDs are Maxtor 20G but not identical models.  Both are relatively
new and lightly used.

Any pointers welcome.  Very welcome. 

- Mike

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
                                 (902) 543-8375            /V\ 
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