[nSLUG] Xandros 2.0 is out and about

Jeff Warnica jeffw at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Jan 27 15:13:38 AST 2004

I think that this may be in violation of the GPL. You have the software, you
have the sources, you can do whatever you want with it. It may be a question of
support (as that is what your realy buying), which is something different

As an asside: how differently is a "collection" of works treated under various
IP laws, compared to a single work? For example: a book of famous quotes,
themseves not protected, has some protection right? You cant photocopy a book
of Shakespears plays, but the plays themselves are fair game... That is, is it
leagaly acceptable to make such demands of a Linux distribution, even if those
demands may be in specific violation of its components?

Quoting Donald Teed <dteed at artistic.ca>:

> The license agreement is somewhat relaxed.  You can install it on as many
> home computers as you own and one commercial computer.  The exception
> to this is if you have the Deluxe version which includes the Codeweaver
> plugin and comes under their license.

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