[nSLUG] Co-location hosting in Maritimes?

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Fri Jan 16 11:05:59 AST 2004

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 06:47:32PM -0400, Rick Franchuk wrote:
> Any place in the maritimes where a person can plunk down a server? Doesn't 
> need to push major bandwidth, so long as its reliably up and I can get access 
> to it without paying a fortune for the privilage.
> Anything nearby? Halifax would be great, but I could go to moncton if it's 
> necessary.

There is nothing carrier neutral in Atlantic Canada that I know of, 
which is likely not an issue in your case as long as you are happy
with beinig locked into the physical space provider also selling you
your bandwidth, which is typical if buying co-location per rack unit
(U or RU which is 1.75 inches high by 19 inches wide) rather than by
entire rack.

Things to ask about,
AC power (including any limits, and aternative sources, typically
online UPS and disel generator)
cost/restriction to physical access
physical security (do you need an access card?)
bandwidth providers (failure to disclose means no deal)
for their AS number (if they don't have one, their data access is
 bound by a single provider AFAIK)

I have not seen the facilities of Aliant or Twisted Pair, but I
suspect Twisted Pair is worth looking at. NSIX may have space 
available as well.

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