[nSLUG] Hardware advice

Rick Wightman wightman at nb.sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 15 22:44:41 AST 2004


In a couple of months I will have about $2500 to construct a small 
office server for my church which could be given a lifespan of 5+ yrs. 
I'm looking at 1 boot + 2 mirrored drives + DVD burner (+/-R I don't 
know yet) as archivable backup. It will, of course, be running some 
flavour of Linux. What services? The current server, a Sparc10 in an 
identical configuration (8mm tape instead of DVD), supplies DHCP, BIND, 
NTP, SMB, Apache, mySQL, SSH and likely a few others I've forgotten.

I'm looking for the groups suggestions/experiences around motherboard 
and CPU combinations and hard drive manufacturers/series for this 
application. Thoughts on price/performance/reliability for SCSI, ATA 
and series ATA are also appreciated, recalling that there was some 
discussion about some of this a while back, and you may consider it 


Rick Wightman

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