[nSLUG] HRM wants to try online voting

Peter Bojanic peter at bojanic.ca
Wed Jan 14 08:31:14 AST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 20:15, Jeff Warnica wrote:
> Well, at least one councillor anyway.
> In todays Daily News there is a (short, it is the Daily News...) report
> on one HRM Councillor who wants the city to go for an online election.
> It points out that a recent act was passed by the province that allows
> for municipalities to try "alternate" election methods.

I don't know anything about the e-voting topic, but this news has piqued
my interest.

The EFF has some dire warning about e-voting system, particularly from
an open source perspective, citing most of these "black box"
technologies as flawed. "Almost none provide voter-verifiable paper
ballots to detect fraud". http://www.eff.org/Activism/E-voting/

Here is an very insightful interview, featured on Slashdot, with Paul
Miller of the State of Washington Secretary of State's Office. It's
almost as if these officials don't understanding that the software is a
key component that makes the e-voting machines work, rather than a
superfluous add-on. My favourite quote: "It's not the programmer that
programs the machine."

I, for one, would prefer to see voting by hand. It's the safest and most
controversy-free method. Even for a Federal election, the results are
all tallied up within one evening. Since we only execute these processes
once every few years, it doesn't seem like something that needs drastic

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