[nSLUG] How to determine if NIC supports PXE boot?

Logan Attwood nightmare at srprogramming.com
Mon Jan 12 13:27:16 AST 2004

Does it have a boot rom on it? If so, it will work.

If it doesn't have a boot rom, it will appear to have a socket, very 
reminisent of cache sockets from PII days.

Donald Teed wrote:
> I need a NIC that supports PXE to develop/test disk imaging over the network
> with udpcast.
> I've been trying to make a machine boot pxelinux and not
> even getting a blip in the DHCP logs.  It makes me wonder if
> the NIC I have will support PXE.  The motherboard does say Network INT 18
> is a boot option, but I wonder if my cheap Network Everywhere NC100 V2
> is up to the task.  Looking at their website I don't see it in
> the Specs or mentioned on the support page.  I also don't see any
> mention of PXE in the boot up sequence as I have observed in an
> IBM notebook which I am certain does support PXE bootup.
> The blah-blah web articles discussing networking and PXE make it sound
> like it should be widely supported (PC99 spec), but I'm now thinking 
> that means on the motherboard level, not necessarily the NIC.
> Does anyone have a tip on how to determine that PXE is supported
> (both before or after purchase would be of interest)?
> --Donald Teed
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