[nSLUG] Questions

Daryl MacDonald axiom at blackforesttavern.com
Fri Jan 9 14:24:35 AST 2004

Thanks for the info, they don't have any dates for meetings this year
yet but I subscribed to the mailing list and look forward to even more
info about the local user group. As I'm on mpowered with a 30 gig drive,
don't think space will be much of a problem *S*

Thanks to you and Peter for the information on getting sound to work, I
ran the alsamixer and only had to hit M and had full sound, not sure why
it worked the first time and then stopped but glad to have it back. I
rebooted and still have sound so it must have saved the sound settings
this time for me.

Looking forward to the tutorial on eating oatmeal the Linux way *S*


On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 14:05, Donald Teed wrote:
> The group is called WAUUGA.  Wolfville Area Unix Users and
> Geeks Association.
> http://www.bignose.ca/wauuga/
> We meet every three weeks.  Join the mailing list
> to be advised of last minute changes on where we
> are meeting.  The traffic is very low so it won't
> hurt your inbox or 56K modem if that is what you use.
> Regarding ALSA - the problem is probably that the
> sound is muted.  It is strange compared to Windows,
> but in Alsa you have to manually set up everything and
> even feed it some sunflower seeds every once in awhile.
> Run alsamixer.  You will need to select several channels
> and do TWO things to enable them: hit M to power it on (duh!)
> and then use the arrow key to move the volume.  Be aware
> that in Linux, the mixer power needs to be very high before
> you will hear anything and many drivers need to be at
> around 80% or more before any sound is audible.
> If you are running KDE you can use the mixer from there to
> put a little applet in your task bar.
> The other problem is that you may need to store the sound
> settings in a /etc/asound.state so that you can automatically
> restore your sound setting on the next login.  To set up
> the storage of your settings, use alsactl.  Something like
> this should work:
> alsactl store 0 > /etc/asound.state
> Next week we'll discuss how to eat oatmeal using the Linux method.
> Don't assume your body will digest it - we'll be using some
> rocks, spruce fir, assorted bacteria, a shoestring and a magnet.
> --Donald Teed
> On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Daryl MacDonald wrote:
> > Good day all,
> > 
> > Been reading the messages for awhile now and have just recently taken
> > the plunge into the world of Linux and I have a couple of questions.
> > 
> > First off, there was mention of a group locally to me in Wolfville. I
> > was wondering if it still meets every couple of weeks of if it died from
> > lack of interest. If it's not going anymore, is there any other group in
> > the valley area between Windsor and Greenwood.
> > 
> > Second off and this one has me puzzled. I have installed Mandrake 9.1, I
> > have an M810 motherboard using the onboard sound which shows up as an
> > SiS 7018 PCI audio and is using the trident drivers. It works fine under
> > Win2000 and worked the first time I booted into Mandrake and then the
> > next time I rebooted, after not making any changes, the sound has
> > stopped working. On boot it does show the ALSA module starting and says
> > it is okay. Seeing as how everything else works, I can live without
> > sound but it would make things much nicer.
> > 
> > Thanks alot
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