[nSLUG] Questions

Daryl MacDonald axiom at blackforesttavern.com
Fri Jan 9 11:40:26 AST 2004

Good day all,

Been reading the messages for awhile now and have just recently taken
the plunge into the world of Linux and I have a couple of questions.

First off, there was mention of a group locally to me in Wolfville. I
was wondering if it still meets every couple of weeks of if it died from
lack of interest. If it's not going anymore, is there any other group in
the valley area between Windsor and Greenwood.

Second off and this one has me puzzled. I have installed Mandrake 9.1, I
have an M810 motherboard using the onboard sound which shows up as an
SiS 7018 PCI audio and is using the trident drivers. It works fine under
Win2000 and worked the first time I booted into Mandrake and then the
next time I rebooted, after not making any changes, the sound has
stopped working. On boot it does show the ALSA module starting and says
it is okay. Seeing as how everything else works, I can live without
sound but it would make things much nicer.

Thanks alot
Daryl MacDonald
axiom at blackforesttavern.com
msn axiom_ns at hotmail.com

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