[nSLUG] udpcast - disk cloning over network

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Fri Jan 9 10:38:22 AST 2004

A few months ago I may have mentioned the topic of disk
cloning via something like g4u (BSD based "Ghost for Unix").

I created something like it based on KNOPPIX (better network
module support than the standard g4u, and I know Linux better)
that worked well.

Reading an old thread in slashdot, I found a link to something
that will do udp multicasting of the disk imaging, much the way
the commercial products like Ghost Server and Imagecast offer.
If you have hundreds of (identical) machines to image, using
the commercial products can be very expensive, so an open source
alternative is very interesting.

Anyway, here they are, in Luxembourg of all places:

udpcast is the package - and they provide bootable floppy, PXE and CDROM
images for the clients...


Check out the cast-o-matic web form for generating a boot floppy with
the network modules you need.  Very cool.

I'm just beginning to investigate this and I'll report back on how
well it works.  In the meantime I thought someone else might like to
know about this little known gem.

--Donald Teed

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