[nSLUG] bandwidth Eastlink vs Bell

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Fri Jan 9 01:15:11 AST 2004

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 11:07:44PM -0400, Jeff Warnica wrote:
> In what universe do you people live where "majority shareholder" ==
> "sole owner"?

The boardroom. My intention was to point
out that BCE (Bell's parent holding) can effective control the Aliant 
boardroom, without needing to be the actual "sole owner" - which no 
publically traded company ever has.
> > Aliant (the parent of what was NBTel, MTT (formely MT&T), and NewTel)'s
> > largest single shareholder is BCE I believe.

What does this has to do with Linux? Nothing in as far as I can tell,
but it does mean that Aliant is likely to continue to deploy products
which are available to most of Canada, preserving a fairly uniform level
of telecommunication service available to most of Canada, so that at least
at the level of traditional telecom services (voice, not high speed data)
there is not necessarily an advantange to be located in high cost (i.e.
real estate or building leases) areas like Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver if
effective telecomms are available to Halifax or even Wolfville with
various other perks (small city / town) and much lower sunk capital.

This bodes well for small Linux companies or small high tech companies
that use Linux which choose to save on real estate/leases by going to
or staying in Halifax or Wolfville possibly giving them a competitive
advantage by east-shoring rather than off-shoring.

Frankly, look at the rates quotes by Dop re: senior level IT
consultanting, I think some junior IT consultants, i.e. 'warm bodies' in 
some cases; make that much doing installs in larger Canadian centres.
The billing rate for my time in Europe was much higher when I worked
there but there are numerous complicating factors in that comparison.

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