[OT][nSLUG] Market Rates?

Brian May bmay at pobox.com
Thu Jan 8 21:55:21 AST 2004

Dop Ganger wrote:
> Not really. One of my clients calculated that they saved about $40K last
> year by hiring me on-demand instead of hiring a senior Unix admin. Flying
> someone in from India or China for a few days to (say) set up a redundant
> mail cluster from scratch is not particularly economic.
> Alternatively, you can hire an ITI grad for around $30/hr who will
> probably take 10 times as long. Your call, of course.

I agree a senior unix admin is worth the money.  I guess I was thinking
of more on the workstation support side of things.  Although I still think
the computer industry has out priced itself.  Don't get my wrong I'm a
software/network designer and the more they want to pay us all the better.


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