[nSLUG] bandwidth Eastlink vs Bell

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Wed Jan 7 08:27:26 AST 2004

I believe Eastlink uses a standard known as Docsys (spelling) which is what 
their non-COM21 cable modems support.

Nominal bandwidth is 5 down 1.44 up or very close to that.

There is a DOCSYS II coming out which should give 10 down 3 or so up.

Don't know if Eastlink is going to implement that or not.

It is ironic to find Bell cutting bandwidth to 3 down 0.5 up (or less) and 
having bizarre natting and PPPoE as their standard while the cable companies 
are trying to double bandwidth instead of reducing it.  Obvious who is going 
after more clients.  The phone companies think there is too much bandwidth and 
the rest of the world cries for more.  Seems sadly to be so typical of the Bell 
and Bell wholly owned subsidiaries.  But then again they delude themselves in 
many other ways as well.

Jim H

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