[nSLUG] no networking

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Sun Jan 4 17:40:06 AST 2004

Okay I setup a new system with Debian 3.0 (woody) and some 'testing'
(libc, kernel, xfree86 - which prompted the partial upgrade, I needed
newer nvidia driver for Geforce4 MX 440) this weekend and now today
I cannot seem to make it access the network. 

It's running the 2.4.22-686-smp kernel (from testing I believe)
is using a Realtek 3189 onboard NIC, and gets all its knowhow from

I am able to use DHCP to renew my leases under other OSes on the
same machine (OpenBSD 3.4, and that other common OS). So hardware
and DHCP server are presumably not an issue. OpenBSD uses dhclient
just like Debian, although I am not certain of which version.

I don't know if I could of caused the problem with running a 'mixed'
stable / testing Debian system, and if so how can I tell, and what
can I do to fix it?

The only other possible gotcha is I also installed vmware 4 workstation
on the system yesterday as well. But as far as I can tell it isn't
messing with my physical networking setup, and it is not running
it's "guest" networking - vmnet1 and vmnet8.

There are some error messages about 'NETDEV: eth0 sending timeout' I think 
it is, but I don't know if this is an accidential symption or a bona fide
error. Running 'ifup -a' manually doesn't help, it just times out.
/etc/network/interfaces just has 
iface eth0 dhcp 

Any clues? I'm stumped.

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